Hello, I am here. What next?

My first blog on WordPress.


Should I be nervous? Can I join your community?


From childhood, I loved to write. The subjects? Anything, poems about friends and their first boyfriends, poems about animals, about life. I loved doing research papers at school. Assignments, stories, technical or truth. The most fun was the embellished truth, perhaps functional non-fiction.

I’m not sure why, but I had a break for a long time. I would still write nice verses in people’s birthday cards, for Christmas. People would always say, you write the most beautiful things. Something sparked in me again. I started writing speeches, poems and stories. Now people contact me to write a poem or a funny little ditty for someone’s birthday. A special occasion birthday.

I enjoy it, it’s fun, especially if you have a lot of dirt on them. Circumstances or events to make people laugh. Give me all the details.

However, over the past six months, a subject very close to my heart, Led me to the decision to put pen to paper. It’s very hard for me to share, I thought, who am I to write a book?

Who would want to read something I haven’t written? I have had no formal training.

With that in my head, I braced myself, I allowed a friend read it. She loved it. With much encouragement from my lovely friend, again, I broadened my shoulders, toughened up and put in in the hands of another friend, then another and so it went. Positive feedback all the way.

Whilst I still have not put it into a professionals hands, I have sought out advice from some very kind people in the industry. A beta reader, then editor are my next steps.

Baby steps for me as I move towards publishing my book. The blog is a good idea for me, just to get a bit of practice and put myself out there.

So here I am. Let me introduce myself. Mother to 2 beautiful boys and two rescue dogs. Working hard in a highly competitive industry. A traveller who revels in going to new destinations and experiencing new cultures. Feeling very grateful for what I have in my life and my life’s experiences and cherished moments.

My book is still sitting here, with the little bit more tweaking that it needs to be completed. It will then be sent to an editor. For me, my challenge is to complete this. For my heart, I want to share this subject, as I am very passionate about it. I will share when I feel ready. Until then, fingers crossed.

Any advice welcome.

Lovely meeting you XOXO


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