2018 Yes yes I can



Can I do it?
Yes yes I can
Start and return to where it all began

Make each moment into a beautiful memory
Time spent with you
Will you always remember me

Making every breath I take count
Let’s live our life
To its fullest amount

Live our new choices
Listen to unfamiliar voices

Travel to new places
Stare into unknown faces

Travel east west north and south
Plant a kiss on my lovers mouth.

I will smile daily at people who are strangers
Being careful, being aware
To avoid hidden dangers

Journey to another new land
Cultures I don’t yet understand

Experience something new every day
Laugh till my tummy hurts
Laugh like I am a child at play

Can I do this?
Bloody oath
Watch me,
watch us both

Will we do this
Yes we will
Travel forever
We cannot still

Climb the mountain so you can see the world,
not so the world can see you.

USA, Cuba, Bahamas here we come
Comforts, few, maybe afford us some.

Si Si see you in May Bahamas & Cuba

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