Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening Are You Awake



Eyes closed
Must I
I am definitely opposed

One eye open
Must I really
I’m lying here just a hopin
Is it time
Are you sure
Give me some allure

Both eyes open
Is it morning?
I’m barely copin

Ruffy is still sleeping
Shall I wake him?
I see one eye peeping

Eyes wide open
It’s a new day
Hip hip hooray
A new day to play
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Waking is fun on any day
Ruffy are you coming
Or do you plan to stay

Are you awake
The day is here to take
Fun and mess we must make
Wake up, for goodness sake

Our day is just beginning
Let’s start it grinning
We are rescue dogs
We are already winning

This is just the beginning
Our joy is here, just living

Are you listening
Are you ready?
This is our awakening

Our humans gave us a new beginning
The other life is past
Welcome to the awakening

We are forever home

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