What will be will be

Will you catch me if I fall
Laugh at me, laugh with me
Live life with me, have a ball
Tantalise me, tease me
Completely enthral
Hold me, do I have your heart?
Do I have your all?

See the 6 year old, laughing, at play
See the teenager, dancing the night away
See the logic in my crazy plans
Laugh, kiss my face, join me
Hold my hands

Yes yes yes
This is what I need
Someone who sees the real me
Yes yes
this is what I need
I do concede

I do concede
This is my need
Love the real me
That’s what’s I need
Yes yes I do indeed

Let’s go for ice cream I say with glee
You say let’s go for doughnuts
I don’t like doughnuts, do you still not know me?

I like to dream, you are so grounded
Common ground, seems unfounded

I am in the clouds dreaming & soaring
You are down on earth, you find my eccentricities boring

Worlds apart
It seems more evident now
Than at the start
Somehow beautifully
We remain connected at the heart.

We shall see
We shall see
What will be will be


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