See me

I love this quote. I wrote the poem below at a time where this really resonated with me on a level I had not experienced before. I opened my iPad to Instagram and this was the first post that came up and it was like BANG

We don’t see each other

You are out on one limb

I am out on another

Worlds apart

How did we start


I do nothing right

I do, I say

You snap, you bite


A free spirit, yes I am, I am

You are black and white

Is our love real

Or is it just a sham

That I often weep

Do you really, give a damn


If I am black, then you are white

We see things differently

We sometimes fight

Are we really meant to be together

It seems we are bound,

With some magical tether


Your physical, yes it still pleases

Aesthetically, yes

your attractiveness, it teases

It’s what is happening in our souls

There is a missing connection

Empty holes


Let me go, and we shall see

Will my heart miss you

Or will it see me free

Maybe there is someone new

Someone who accepts the real me

A real love for you


You are holding on oh so tight

It could be time to cease fire

Stop the fight

Find our way or just release

Let go of inner turmoil

Find some peace


You will always be a love of mine

In my heart

A light will forever shine

(C) janette Bendle February 2018

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