The gift

My First Tuesday Tanka Challenge

Give & Receive

You asked I obliged

Bestowed on you something so

Beautiful divine

You accepted my gift

Now earth is slowly dying

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A Day in the Life


“There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” – Tara Brach

This photo depicts a mix, a mix of wild crazy beautiful, which sums up my daily life, wild, crazy and beautiful, but with a facade of calm

Beautiful, wild crazy

A day in my life

Beautiful, wild crazy
A day in my life
Sometimes peaceful
Other days rife with strife

Smooth, tranquil, undisturbed
Agitation, unrest, anger
Is unheard
Crazy in harmony
Where peace is preserved

A day in the life of, is always wonderful

A day in the life of me

A day plan to catch up with my long time friend. Let’s go to the theater and see beautiful. The Carole King story. I wake up early enough. What happens next is what can happen in a crazy but fun filled life.

First up on the crazy totem pole, a frantic call from Lee, my childhood friend. I don’t have my ticket. “It was sent to your phone Lee”. On the day of purchase. 5th June. “Yes yes I know, but it’s gone”. Okay, don’t stress, i console, I have the email confirming our purchase.

My plan is to leave home at 11 AM, to meet Lee at midday. For a 1pm show start. Here it goes, 10:55 AM on my God I haven’t had breakfast. Quick smoothie, yes yes, have you read my post on my smoothie makings? Coconut, blueberries, spinach leaves, broccoli, beetroot, coconut water, pea protein powder. Yes just a quick one.

Pour into a Travel jug (not mug) coz that’s how I roll, a small person with a big appetite.

On my way 11.15am. I gaze down at my petrol gauge. Eek 😬 Oh no. Next petrol station, It’s ok I say to myself, this won’t take long. I stop, petrol bowser in, I watch the dollars ticking over, seriously I say (to myself of course) when are you going to stop, $55,$60, $70, $76.53 Chink, it stops.

Off I go inside, credit card in hand, something catches my eye. I pay the lady, $84.90

I leave, large green tea and a bag of mixed nuts in hand.

11.35am back on the freeway. So much for meeting Lee in town at midday, oh dear thinking to myself, please don’t be mad at me. Then I chuckle, of course she won’t be mad, nor will she be surprised.

My sat nav in the car tells me, estimated time of arrival at your destination is 12.33pm

Janette, don’t stress. Our show starts at 1pm. We will be ok.

Driving, sipping my tea, nibbling on my nuts, Happy, easy drive, no hiccups. Lee calls me on blue tooth, yes. How far away are you, I’m here.

Um, ah, well. I’m running late. Really? so what’s new she says. No problem, I will just wait.

I picked up a few minutes on the freeway. Traffic is flowing so well that my new ETA IS 12.30pm.

My turn off is nearing, left indicator on, I turn and BOOM. The traffic is stopped, I look in my rear view mirror, BOOM, already cars are behind me. No reversing. I’m stuck.

I call Lee, I explained the dire situation. Go without me I say. I’ll send you my ticket. I’ll get there, don’t worry

Cars started doing U-turns, one car, two, three, I made the break, car number five. Best decision, back on the moving road taking another route, I’m almost there, one block away, stopped at a set of lights. I can see the theatre, the car park across the road. BOOM, no, no no no no, people swarming Bourke street, police surrounding the cars and people. A protest march is taking place against racism, at my intersection, right here, right now. It’s 12.55pm. My calm takes over, really, it’s ok, it’s only a show. I take in the moment.

Siri call Lee. I’m not going to get there, I’m stuck in the middle of this protest march. She sees the march from the theater. We could probably wave to each other if it wasn’t for all these people. Both of us slightly disheartened, “just get here when you can.”

Luck is on my side, the police start to move us off to the left. I got around the corner. Drove to the nearest car park. And I run and I run and I run. I flew into the theatre at 1.12pm. They were apparently expecting a blonde lady running frantically throwing an email around. They were wonderful and I was in my seat at 1.15pm.

The show was well worth the crazy unexpected moments I experienced to get there.

The craziness did not end there, but my story does, thank you for reading my depiction of this photo. Peaceful with a touch of wild crazy beautiful. A perfect day. Have a perfect day everyone ❤️Thank you Sue Vincent

Pilates and Box – a- lates


A box of what?

OK I’m officially laughing. Not a box of anything. Have I introduced myself? Yes I may have told you I write, I’m an animal lover, I’m a salad lover, but I am also a Pilates instructor. That’s my real job. How I earn my bread and butter, it buys my salad ingredients and it pays my bills.

I can already hear some of you saying a what?

So What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the body with an emphasis on core strength. This helps to improve general fitness and overall well-being.

Similar to Yoga, Pilates concentrates on posture, balance and flexibility. In Pilates the chance of injury is much lower than with other more strenuous forms of exercise.

Pilates also focuses on the mind-body connection. While doing the various exercises your mind needs to be constantly aware of your breathing and the way your body moves.

I run a studio in my home town, please visit, first class free. Yoga, functional training, teacher training, personal training are all intertwined into this boutique studio. We run group classes, small group specialized sessions, personal or one on one training.

Within this little studio, I specialize. I specialize in women over 40 health and fitness, I am also an expert at designing my own specialist classes. I run a unique blend of pilates based classes.

Pilates / Yoga Fusion

HIIT Pilates (high intensity interval training / pilates)

Cardio Pilates ( cardio exercise such as jogging, walking, rowing, indoor cycling boxing, intervals with pilates exercises )

321 UGI Ball pilates ( 3 minutes Ugi ball exercise, 2 minutes resistance exercises , 1 minute of core exercise

Drum roll

Box -a – lates a combination of boxing circuits with pilates circuits. ( see pics of the fun my students had today)

This one is worth giving a go.

Exercise or physical activity can improve your health and reduce the risk of developing diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. It can have immediate and long-term health benefits more importantly it can improve your quality of life. 30 minutes a day can allow you to enjoy all of these benefits.

Some of the benefits of regular physical activity may be:

Reduce your risk of heart attack or disease

Manage your weight. Look better, feel better, more confidence

Lower your blood cholesterol levels

Lower your risk of diabetes

Can lower your blood pressure

Can help increase the strength of your bones muscles and joints therefore lowering the risk of osteoporosis

Lower your risk of falls

You recover better from injury or illness

You feel better, you have more energy, you are in a better mood, you are more relaxed and you sleep better.

Exercise can help with depression

It provides increased social contact if in a club or a group setting steps. Don’t be put off by feeling compelled to have to complete 10,000 steps or do 30 minutes of exercise. Start with 1000 steps start with five minutes of exercise. Build up. Little steps. This is the reason I’ve chose to specialize in women’s fitness over 40. You can get stronger, you can feel invigorated, you can be totally awesome. Let’s not grow old let’s be awesome.

Everyone in these photos are 50 and above With the exception of one 23-year-old to 47-year-old and a 49-year-old. My crew are awesome.

What she ate last night.

A feast a fabulous dishes was enjoyed by my family and friends. No Meat was in sight of these flavoursome dishes.

Would you like to join us for dinner?

On the menu

Mixed Salad  (another salad idea)
Mushroom, sun dried tomato and spinach risotto

Price: free of charge



Step one – mixed salad leaves loving placed in a big beautiful bowl

Step two – avocado chopped in large pieces

Step three – Fresh basil leaves. Sniff the aroma as you break the leaves off.

Step four – Slice fresh mushrooms (your choice) and delicately chop your

juicy Roma tomatoes

Step five – Add spinach leaves

Step six – Grab a few broccoli flowers and chop roughly so it crumbles over

the top of the salad

Step seven – add roasted seeds

Mix and serve with olive oil drizzled and fresh lemon squeezed over top.

Serve as a starter or with your mushroom risotto

Next please

So did you save your salad to have with your risotto or did you eat it first. Either way is good. Perhaps if you eat it first, you might not to eat as much risotto. Risotto is full of carbs. 😂😂😂😂

Here is an article to read about the health benefits of Arborio Rice. I don’t eat a lot of pasta. My personal belief is there is a lot more yummy foods that have more nutritional benefits than pasta. It is an occasional thing for me. Please read anyway, make your own decision.

Just in case you are interested

The pros and cons of carbs. YES THERE ARE GOOD CARBS

Now mushrooms are a nutritional boom house. They pack a punch. Here is little bit more nutritional info for you.

Mushroom Nutrition: 

Mushrooms support our own health systems, by helping strengthen our immune system and preventing debilitating diseases. Some benefits that you may enjoy from consuming mushrooms are:

Weight management – One study showed that substituting red meat with white button mushrooms may support a healthy weight.

Improved nutrition – Adding more mushrooms to your diet may help improve diet quality.

Optimal vitamin D levels– Eating certain mushroom species is seen in a study to be more effective than taking vitamin D2 supplements.

Optimal digestive function – Mushrooms support your gastrointestinal health, thanks to their supply of dietary fiber and fungal enzymes.

Antibacterial properties – Penicillin, streptomycin, and tetracycline are all derived from fungal extracts.

It’s small wonder that mushrooms are now gaining a superfood reputation. Definitely add them to your diet if they are not already part of it, especially if you are not a meat lover after.

Ready for main course?

One brown onion

One garlic clove is enough I tend to put two or three

Flat leaf parsley

30 g of olive oil

400 g of Arborio rice

100 g of white wine

3 heaped teaspoons of vegetable stock

1.2 liter water

200g fresh mushrooms

Sun dried tomatoes

Baby spinach leaves

Salt and pepper to taste

Heat up some oil in a fry pan, Add chopped up onion garlic and parsley and sauté

Add your arborio rice, wine and sauté for about two minutes

Add your vegetable stock, water and mushrooms and cook

How to Know When Risotto Is Done

The best way to determine risotto doneness is with both your eyes and your mouth. First take a look at the pan: Is the risotto creamy but not thick, rolling back after the spoon is run through the pan? You’re probably very close to done.

Add chopped sun dried tomatoes

Add spinach

Now take a taste — the rice should be mostly soft with slight al dente texture

can be served with Parmesan cheese and your salad if it’s not already eaten.

I hope you enjoy this as much as my friends and family did

Born appetite

Served with love ❤️

What she ate next

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening, wherever you are in this glorious world, Hi!

If you have read my about meyou would have read that I am a self-confessed lover of salad. Weird yes, I know, everyone says it, but I love them. Not just any old green salad or garden salad or coleslaw, no way, I love throwing everything in. A salad with the lot! Salad ala throw in everything but the kitchen sink. Crunchy rainbow salads.

Here is just one of my prized salads. Are you ready? Pen in hand? Take notes! PS please note, presentation is not my strongest point, but I am big on taste and nutritional value. Read on my friends. 😍

Baby spinach leaves, toss in a few toasted almonds, next a handful of fresh basil, basil makes for the most delicious flavor added to anything. I’ll add more about basil later, am I making your mouth water yet?

Stop, answer that when I get back, I need a moment, I’ve got to have a tea break, I need some fresh basil and tomato on toast right now. I have made my own mouth water. Seriously, have you tried that? It’s a must do!

Where was I, am I making your mouth water yet? Yes? Good! Well I am not finished yet, let’s get back to my salad,

So we have baby spinach leaves with some toasted almonds scattered on top next was a handful of fresh basil, continuing on I will throw in some avocado and another layer of fresh spinach leave, then some dried fruit, maybe sultanas, raisins, goji berries plus raw nuts. A little more avocado, now for some dressing, olive oil or avocado or macadamia oil drizzled and fresh lemon and lime squeezed. Mix and eat. The crunch, the sweetness, the bitter, mixed together for an explosion of taste sensations in your mouth. Serve it with whatever else you like to eat.

I am mostly a plant based in my diet. So to make my culinary experiences colorful and exciting, I do come up with some wonderful and innovative salad and vegetable recipes.

I am going to start sharing some of my kooky and amazingly good concoctions, and yes they are concoctions, I choose not to follow recipes. My rule of thumb, firstly, what is in my cupboard or what is in my fridge, then what type of tantalising taste sensations is my taste bud craving?

Who are my victims that evening? Are they adventurous? Being honest, many may look at it and go “oh my god what is in that”, some say ” oh my god that looks divine, then, when my victims taste my salads, I always get the same response, wow, yum, that is really fabulous.

My salads are not what today’s post is about. Next on the agenda.

Today is about the smoothie bowls that I like to get creative or should I say experimental with. I chuckle to myself as I write this.

My smoothie bowl has a base of blueberries, my all time favourite base, add to that, 2 brussels sprouts, yes I am serious, two handfuls of baby spinach leaves, 2 florets of cauliflower, still serious 🤨, coconut yoghurt, coconut water, one teaspoon of hempseed’s, coconut pea protein powder. Topped with Muesli, one sliced pear, crushed pineapple, toasted seeds, carob and goji berries. A delectable dish of deliciousness. Now my question to you is can you tell by this face that I enjoyed it? It was beyond yummmmmm. If you’re ever in Australia feel free to pop over and I’ll make you one.

If you teeter on living life on the edge, not scared to try something new, maybe inventive, check out my Instagram posts. Please note that now I also have a new account which is dedicated to sharing fitness, health and wellness tips, making healthy lifestyle choices with a plant based diet. My new account is janettebendlehealthandwellness

Now head to the kitchen and throw caution to the wind and try something, new and crazy. You may not like it but you will learn from that and make it better next time.

Happy eating my fellow bloggers ❤️


Begin again? New Beginnings


We were given a treasure
So beautiful and unique
Something to be marveled at
Full of secrets and mystique

Trees, mountains, and seas so vast
Valleys, lush and green
What more could human beings have asked

Lakes so still, with mountainous reflection
Reality or dreaming
Life, humans, universe are experiencing perfection

The quiet, nature,
stop for a moment
Just listen

as a river flows
as the wind blows
Falling snows
As a flower grows
The suns glows
The pleasure this world bestows
Gratitude the world no longer shows

What have we done?

We are chopping down all our trees
Antarctic Ice sheet is melting
Plastic, litter fills our seas

Pollution fills the air and hides our skies
Where is our treasure
our wonderful paradise

This world was a masterpiece
Something to be cherished
Our world has perished

Are we ashamed
Do we mourn
Some weep, some sigh
We are left feeling forlorn

Can we be forgiven for human sinnings
Change our ways, mend our world
Begin again, new beginnings

sThursday photo prompt: Beginnings

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Random acts of kindness

Prompting you to action – Random

A non premeditated act towards someone or to something is a random act of kindness

No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted.



Being kind makes the world a better place. Really kindness is just in us, deep inside. It’s human nature, if you see someone in need, we help. Even a child, if they see someone upset, or if the see someone fall, it is their instinct to go and help.


Animals are kind. If you are upset, you will find your dog, will come and sit by you, put their head on your lap, just be with you, because they want to comfort you.

The kindest person I have ever met, I talk to every day. Who? My mother, yes, I’m serious. How lucky am I? I knew from a little girl how special she was. I said from a very young age, I want to grow up to be like my mum.

Whether I made it or not, I’m not sure. I know I’m kind. I do kind acts every single day, for people, for animals, for the planet. Could it be hereditary? My beautiful sons are growing up with the kindness gene too. Proud mum, hell yeah!

Doing something kind is like giving yourself a quick happy fix. Endorphins kick in and you walk away from your act of kindness with a smile on your face.


Your act of kindness will have an effect on the person you were kind to and they in turn will be kind to someone else. You’ve heard of the saying “Pay it forward”? Just like that. Bottom line being kind makes you happy and you have helped someone or something at the same time.

The simplest acts of kindness are far more powerful

than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.Mahatma Gandhi

Random acts of kindness

1. Volunteer at a nursing home or animal rescue Centre

2. Let some one go ahead of you in the line

3. Pick up litter off the beach or street

4. Plant a tree

5. Smile at someone

6. Pay someone a compliment

7. Take your dog for a walk

8. Take a sick friend or neighbour dog for a walk

9. Serve / volunteer at a homeless shelter

10. Bake a cake for someone

11. Pay someone’s train ticket

12. Say thank you… ALL THE TIME

13. Foster or adopt a dog or cat

14. Go vegan or vegetarian

15. Take in your neighbors bins

16. Run errands for the elderly or sick

17. Say hello to a stranger

18. Recycle

19. Mow someone’s lawn who can’t do it themselves

20. Drive someone to school or work on a rainy day

21. Listen to people / stories

22. Switch to recycle bags for your shopping

23. Reduce your paper use

24. Laugh

25. Share

26. Hug someone

27. Be good to your parents.

There are so many ways to be kind. Try one now

Love ❤️