Credibility Ability

The power of inspiring belief


I wonder if I have the ability

Some would say a probability

With somewhat positivity

That I could write with credibility



Is it at all conceivable 

That I could be believable 

It would possibly be probable

Am I too presumable



With no negativity 

I’m here for the longevity

This is my reality

In my most crazy normality 



To have the ability

To write with some credibility



Phew this was a hard one

I enjoyed a playful challenge


My minds waterfall

Thursday photo prompt: Fall #writephoto


Close my eyes

Take me somewhere

Peaceful and serene

A journey in my mind

Somewhere I’ve never been


Eyes are closed

My mind is open

I travel a never-ending hallway

On each side of me

Door after door

How do I pick the right one

to go somewhere I’ve never been before


I stop, I stare

I open, I dare

My guide in brilliant light

Welcoming, beckoning

I’m drawn to this ethereal sight


He lays his gentle hand on mine

My source, my light

So pure, divine


I am standing at the water’s edge

He is gone, but somehow I know he is still watching

The gentle rhythm of the water

It tickles my toes

Drawing me in

Away from life’s shadows

Submerged below this watery inland sea

I see myself from above being led away

Gliding, floating


I breathe, closed eyes open, my heart is at play


Tranquil in my heady space

I surface, the water barely ripples

I arrive at my landing place

Appreciation fills my closed eyes

Somehow I see everything

The cascading water, the rocky formation

Somehow I hear every little sound

The falling water, splattering

As it hits the lake with a splash

Falling pebbles pat pat

Leaves crackle

Somehow l feel everything

Velvety water cleansing

My heart, my soul

I feel so small

Standing beneath my minds waterfall


I am lost within my imagination

My mind engaged in a rapt contemplation

I return, I open my eyes

I have now completed with a happy heart

Today’s meditation


Letting go

It’s my first born sons birthday tomorrow and I wrote a little something from the heart

i made a wish, once upon a time

That everything in my life

would work out fine

Enter one little boy we named Kade

My heart was full

He was more perfect than for all I had prayed

The cutest little man I ever did see

Innocence, cheekiness, mischievousness was bestowed upon me

He held my hand for many years

As he got older, he let go

I shed motherly tears

It’s ok though

Seeds you must sow

Live your life

I’ll watch you beautifully grow

Your hand may no longer be in mine

My love for you in one sentence I define

I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow

I love you to the moon and back infinity


Happy birthday from the proudest Mum in the world

Fathers Day

It’s Father’s Day in the Southern Hemisphere. A day to celebrate love for our dads or significant male role model in our lives. I had beautiful uncles in my life, I am forever thankful for them. It was not until I was 29 that I had a true positive male role model and mentor in my life. That man was my husband and father to my children. My sons had a father who stayed.

Good morning Dad,

Did you hear me whisper? I whispered in my mind “Happy Father’s Day dad”, I still think of you every day.

I love you. I forgive you, please know that. I love you Dad.

To all the dads, those who stayed, I celebrate you. To those who didn’t, you have your reasons, just as my dad did. I do feel such sadness for what you lost though.

Our children are pure joy.

To the mums who bought us up on their own. I salute you, I applaud you, i admire, I treasure you. I am in awe of you. To my mum, I love you. Thank you for bringing me up to be the person I am. I am so full of love and gratitude to be yours.