Credibility Ability

The power of inspiring belief


I wonder if I have the ability

Some would say a probability

With somewhat positivity

That I could write with credibility



Is it at all conceivable 

That I could be believable 

It would possibly be probable

Am I too presumable



With no negativity 

I’m here for the longevity

This is my reality

In my most crazy normality 



To have the ability

To write with some credibility



Phew this was a hard one

I enjoyed a playful challenge


    • Thank you Sue. I really missed doing these challenges. It was midnight in Australia, I couldn’t sleep and thought, yes, let’s get back there. That was a very challenging word haha. I had a bit of fun with it. See you next week 😉

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      • I cringed when he told me the word so I turned my response from Nan’s Farm into a bit of drivel. You should see the one coming up for this week!Since you were last here we seem to have settled into a routine of Gerry doing the word-prompts and me doing the photo challenges.

        We wanted to reach as many of our friends from around the world on the same date, which is something WordPress fell short on. I took over the publishing and publish for both of us at just after 7am UK time, is that around 5pm in Australia? Looking forward to seeing your next one. 🙂

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