The Bone

#writephoto Bone

I once lived in a field

So lush, so green

I loved my life, just me

and the other nineteen


Once a paddock so lush and green

No rain

No water

The land grew dry

The herd grew lean


One by one

my friends left the fields we once grazed

Sanctuaries came forward

My friends, my herd

I’m joyful,

they were saved


I was happy in my field so beautiful

So green

I am now nameless

Just a bone

I was overseen


In a dry paddock I am all alone

Just remnants of what was

I am just a bone


I watch from above

I am at peace, I make amends

I am a soul on a journey

I hold no grudge

You rescued my friends 



Every Thursday at noon GMT, Sue publishes one of her photos as a writing prompt.
Join in her challenge and write a piece of poetry or prose based on the photo below.


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