Letting go

How did we lose our way

Did we linger too long

In the wrong places

Is is too late for the olive branch to lay

Many kisses,

admiring glances

Were part of our every day

Now sorrow, dispiritedness

Dapple the horizon, with spots of grey

Why did we let us drown

With different eyes,

I can see now,

we let go

We let each other down

We turned the volume down

Our ears heard no sound

We stopped talking

We stopped hearing

Is it too late to turn it around

Thinking back to those early days

Enthralled in each other

Tenderness in each others gaze

Minutes turning into hours

Night turning into mornings rays

Friday nights glasses of wine

Weekends a lazy takeaway

Falling asleep

You body laying next to mine

Seeing the world side by side

Encounters, good times

affairs of the heart, a hell of a ride

Memories so beautiful

My heart, it sings

Recalling tender moments and

The wonderful things

10 years ago

In love we were falling

Tenderness and passion

Were perfectly enthralling

In time

Our thoughts became estranged


How did it happen

A life rearranged

Then the time came

We could no longer fight it

A seperate path we took

Our confused minds

now quiet

We mirrored each other

Without a voice

Reflecting, rejecting, unseeing

Could this be a reckless choice

The hardest part is letting go

slipping from our safe embrace

Respecting, allowing each to grow

In our own silent hiding place

Is it too late to turn back now

Another chance to try

A dignified love

A love we both allow

What is meant to be

Will always find a way ❤️❤️❤️



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