The junk shop

Weekly prompts – Junk

The junk shop

Entry is free

Do you like what you see

Come take a look,

Let me show you, this 1950s

Retro cookbook

Recycled goods, what do you need

books, clothes and shoes?

There is nothing I don’t have, believe me indeed

Please take a look, it’s would be my pleasure

One persons junk

Could be another persons treasure

Your goods are fabulous,

Cash only please, that will be $37.10

Goodbye, have a nice day

Please come again

Janette Bendle February 2019 


    • In the larger cities I do believe they do. Funnily Last November I went to a small little town here in Victoria Australia. We went to a secondhand/junk shop. The goods they were selling were amazing. It was actually in that shop that we came across the 1950s cookbooks. They were amazing, in pristine condition and only five dollars. I made a few purchases myself, namely books. My girlfriends and I spent probably two hours going through this little shop. The staff of course were divine. Thanks for your comment 😀


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