The Unlikely Friendship

Perching himself upon the giant creatures back, his only thought was his hungry tummy.

The giant creature lifted his head slowly and turned to look at what had landed on his wide brown and white girth.

She asked “Why do set down on me little one?” The egret replied “I look for worms and insects to eat”. The giant creature thought and then said ahhh so you eat other living creatures too? I eat only grass. The little bird was confused but curious to hear more.

Staring into this giant creatures face, he noticed she had large beautiful but very sad eyes. Tears were rolling down her face, “why are you crying my giant friend.” the little bird chirped.

The egret had forgotten all about his insects and worms, he wanted to learn what made his new friend so sad.

The giant creature explained “ I am a cow, my life is miserable.

They impregnate me in the most inhumane way. When I have my baby they take it away from me immediately. I hear my baby crying for me and I can’t help it. I fight to get to my baby and they drag it away with disregard for the precious life that it is. They don’t allow me to feed my baby because my milk goes to humans. “Why would a human want to drink a cows milk.”

If my baby is a boy he is taken away to be killed, if my baby is a girl she will live the same life as me.

I am in pain all of my life. When I can no longer provide milk, they will take me to the abbatoir where they will kill me and I will be used for food and other products. It is all about money making. Humans seem to value money over life.

So dear one, that is the life I didn’t ask for.

This made the little egret really sad. He sat quietly for a very long time. When he finally spoke again he said when we meet again in another life, You are going to perch yourself on to my back and I will fly over the rainbow, to a world so beautiful and I am going to give you a life a love, tenderness and kindness.

That my friend is my promise and what you deserve.

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