The benefits of pets

People are reluctant to have an animal because of the responsibility that comes with them. Weigh up the benefits over the negatives. They really do bring so much joy into a household.

Please note:

my pet hate…. they DO belong inside. You do not get to enjoy your animal if it is locked outside all day.

ADOPT DONT SHOP There are so many beautiful animals waiting for beautiful homes in shelters & pounds throughout Victoria, Australia, all over the world.

Please read the following article on the benefits of pets on depression. Click on the link. ❤️

Here are some photos of my rescued dogs. All different personalities, all bringing something beautiful and unique into my life and the lives of my family.  I love my kids.



  1. Hello, you are so sweet person, thank you for comments and likes, i see many dogs here, but i have the cat only, she have super power to calm me down after long day, great post, i can agree with you Janette❤️🤗

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    • Hello. Yes cat are beautiful. Very calming. I do have many dogs. If I had less I would have a cat also. I think animals in general are very good for depression. I think animals bring much joy to people and for depression and anxiety It gives them something else to focus on. Thank you. You have a beautiful day ❤️ 🐱

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