Peeking through the window his eyes wide, aghast or surprised? Both perhaps but that quickly turned to horror

Aliens don’t exist. Granny’s words echoed around his head as the vision gurned at him through the bedroom window.

However the face that gazed at him suggested this was not true. This small ruddy whitish face with large deep black eyes was not of this world. Those black eyes stared into his soul, as if searching for something. What was he looking for? They stared at each other for what seemed a long time, it was probably only a few minutes. Strangely he was not scared.

“Follow me!” the strangers foreign, but raspy voice whispered.

He did as he commanded, why he asked himself mindfully as he opened the window. He clambered out onto the window sill, where he sat.

“Follow me!” the stranger whispered again. Waving his hand gesturing for him to come forward. As if magic, he was levitating. Then in the next instance floating through the air towards this bizarre being.

A glowing light descended from the sky upon them. In a flash they were being beamed up.

To what?

Whoosh. His eyes opened. Am I in a spaceship? What happened to me? He looked around? This place was massive, dark, the walls were green as if moss was growing, patterned, it was gothic like. It reminded him of a Harry Potter movie.

Four pairs of large deep black eyes watched him curiously. He felt no fear, only trust. Why? He should be scared. Petrified, Somehow their eyes showed a kindness and curiosity.

The communication between the beings and himself was just a deep understanding, between the aliens, it was an odd high pitched sound.

Two of the alien creatures gently guided him to a chair. In front of him, a large control panel. There were so many buttons and levers. Feeling overwhelmed and somewhat fearful, what did they want from him.

One of the beings gestured for him to press a button. Symbols that he had never seen before had him daunted. One of the beings spoke, it was a strange accent “press” he said in a deep gravelly voice.

He looked at him, impressed, nervous, confused. What do I press? He said in a shakey voice? “Press the being replied, this time with a bit more force behind it.

He looked again and saw the only remotely familiar button, a green one.

Thoughts raced through his mind, green equals start, green means go. Throwing caution to the wind he exclaimed excitedly as if playing one of his video games “I’m hitting play”

The beings clapped their tiny hands together an action he thought indicated clapping. They seemed pleased with his choice.

A virtual screen commenced playing before him. His eyes filled filled tears, as he watched the horrors of his world and it’s inhabitants self destructing.

They had been warned, that the day would arrive. World leaders hadn’t listened, greedy, money driven, loss of compassion and empathy and now it was happening. The end of the world as we knew it.

Come the raspy voice spoke, come!

Again following instructions, he followed. Into a large white room. A trolley, equipment, probes, screens, computers so advanced, he’d never seen anything like it.

He was led to the only bed. They directed him to lay down. He did as they seemed to be requesting. Nothingness, followed by vibrant lights, probes, on him, off him, aliens around him. Touching him, mesmerised by him.

His eyes open. He looked around at the familiar surroundings. His hawks football poster, trophies, school medals, science awards, photos, his pet dog Prince lay beside him.

All is as it was, all as it should be. Wow what a dream! It was so real. He lay reliving the dream. It was fading from his mind as quick as he attempted to recall it. Then it was gone.

Leaping out of bed, he heads to the bathroom for his morning shower. Undressing, he catches a glimpse of his bare chest in the mirror.

Noticing two red marks on the side of his neck. What? He moves closer. What is that?

A flashback. Two long probes had entered him, the words coming back. Humans are killing what they have. Your planet is dying.

We want to help YOU save the world.

You will be one of the earths leaders. You will help rebuild the planet. Region by region, bit by bit.

We gave you the gift insight, wisdom, negotiation and intelligence. Please use this gift to make a difference in your world. Lead the way, teach humanity about compassion, guide them to make better choices, preserve dignity.

20 years later, he addressed the world. I had a dream 20 years ago that we would get a second chance. His words spoke of a United world, no longer a greedy or ego driven world. No hate or racism. One world with people who cared.

Now only a few million remained. It was his time to stand, lead a make a world to start anew!

This time we would do it right. We have too. We are being watched.

First contact



2 Replies to “First contact”

  1. Wow! What a story Janette.
    I read your story on the reader and just as I’d finished typing the above my screen flashed up a thank you from you! Obviously it was WP notification of your link but the timing was perfect!
    Anyway, Thank you for linking to us.

    Liked by 1 person

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