The fault in our starsl

From her tippy toes to the top of her head

Warmth rising

Flushing her cheeks

To a glorious rosy red


Giddiness, joy, elation

Her head did spin

Was it champagne

Or the thrills of daily life intoxication


A beautiful memory

A face looking at her

Feeling nostalgic

oh dear how young we were


Her life of spectacular moments

Tells story upon her beautiful face

Softness, fine lines

She is charming, full of grace


Youth lays behind

Only in time

Keep dreaming of that life

Passion keeps you in prime


The woman that was

Still buried deep inside

Longing to escape

Look deep for she is still within you, along for life’s ride


When it rains

Let’s run outside

We will look for a rainbow

There is so much more to life

There is so much more to know


Lay on the grass

When it is dark outside

Look up to the sky

Await the shining stars to arrive


Make a wish

Wish your dreams come true

Do something wonderful

Give back to beautiful you


Life may have left us with unseen scars

We remain staunch but with grace,

kind with defiance

The fault in our stars


This is

our turning point

our time of transition

A time in our life

It is our new definition


From light to dark

We shall shine inside

It may be grey, Imperfect

We move gracefully, effortlessly

through to the other side


Wisdom and experience

As we enter a new phase

Elegance, truth and love

We will continue to navigate to her next stage where

We will continue to amaze


Do not look backward

There is so much in front for you to see

Smile, skip, sit under a tree

Share stories of your dreams and all the things we wish to be


Stand out I yell

Take your life back

Age disgracefully, fabulously

With attitude, attack


Wear the red shoes

On feet that have stood ironing

for hours

Dance like everyone is watching

A women entrenched within her own superpowers


Wear red lipstick

On the mouth

That has spoken gentle words of love and kind

A mouth that shows such sweetness

A mouth that speaks no words of leaving youth behind


Sing and laugh out loud

Be you, be free

Now your kids are grown up say now

I will do what’s best for me





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