Women who run with wolves

She is in all of us


As if against her will

She stood

at the edge of summer

Searching, waiting

A girl approaching adulthood


Stillness as she waited

For the answer

Her blue eyes open

Beautiful, soulful, perplexed

Gliding towards sophisticated


She realised

Eventually awakening


She owns her own light

Racing from the darkness

Riding the storm

Leaving the backlash of adolescence in spite


Of what


Entwined and accepting life’s


She found sunshine

She is stronger because she had to be

Unwinding the yesterdays

To find beauty sublime


Where is she now?


She is fierce, full of fire

Confident in her being

Smarter from life’s mistakes

Knowing sadness has taught her about happiness

Flirting with joy, releasing past heartaches


She shines

like the world is new

Sweetness in her


She is real, she is whole authentic in herself

She is, our inspiration


She remembered who she was

And the game changed


Written as a reminder

she is in everyone one of us


Woman support woman




Women who run with wolves -title


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