How to be a woman

Welcome to the mind

Of a girl interrupted

Realistic, honest, positive

A girl who grew into a woman

Possibly probably fabulously corrupted


Femininity shone from her effervescent presence

Belief in her spirit echoed

Devilry, mischief

Her sweetness evanescence


She knows what she wants

Stands up for what she believes

At the risk of being crucified,

Love can be a risk, it deceives


She will fight for you

If believes in you

She will teach you

It is irrefutable,

she knows

How to be a woman


A woman knows how to

make broken look beautiful

make love look like her own personal sun is shining

She can make happy look delicious

and make blossoms bloom on her silver lining


She is madly in love with love

Her love sets you free

She holds her breath

And makes her wish

You are free to love the real me




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