What we were told not to talk about

It is Father’s Day in the Southern Hemisphere, which prompted these words, along with the writing challenges, the integration of both together became the inspiration for this poem




The woman

A daddy has gone

Don’t tell anyone darling

Please, not just yet


A husband has gone

A heart is broken

A man has left


Silent words were spoken


It will be his life’s biggest regret

He left a woman broken

A daughter abandoned

How does a little girl understand

That roughing up of her hair

Was his farewell token


A child

My daddy has gone

Why didn’t he want me

He doesn’t hold my hand

Don’t you love me anymore

A little girl who did not understand


The child marries a man

She found gold

At the end of the rainbow

A man who lovingly does hold

His children’s hands

He is a husband, a father


A vacant relationship

A lost girl grew

How did she define us

A resurrection

They began something new


A meeting of minds

Moments spent together

Lost years

Stolen joys, time unwinds


A poignant moment arose


Not a father and

not a daughter

He offered her the opportunity

To rewrite their story

She became their author


And it was her greatest masterpiece

What we were told not to talk about


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