A Daydream or is it?

Sitting in the silence

Listening to Earths whisper

A passenger within a daydream

A memory brings a shiver


An angel now in this life

She wears her wings with pride

Radiating happiness to all she meets

Integrity & honesty flows from the inside


She connects with life’s elements

Affectionately taking this new world in her stride

Leaving fragments wherever she goes

Her insight is her guide


She will ask you

Do you want your wings ?

A halo crown that shines

Reality is, it’s just a moment away

With the infinite of the universe confines


Let there be storms

Embrace the peace

Your rainbow awaits

Where the turmoil does cease


Sitting in the presence

Wings spreading for her flight

Magic all around her

the brightest star in the night


Sitting upon the rocks

Taking in this world

Guide the human spirit

Upon the path you hurled


Enjoy your human journey

For it is just a dream

Embrace the spirit and growth

With every new mornings beam

Sue Vincent Thursday prompt #writephoto




Cover photo


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