It changed

Their eyes met across a crowded bar

They never talked

Glimpses, connection, flirtatious from afar

They never talked,

that night!


Time went by

They knew their time was coming

Timing was of the Essence

Serendipity was humming


They met inside a crowded bar

He watched her studiously

He watched her from afar


He took her arm


A meeting of eyes

A meeting of hearts

Locked in each other

The fire starts


Then something changes

Fast moving out of control

a torrent, changing everything

Stepping in, eating her soul


How can it be

That you love someone

How can it be

That you lose that same someone

Because a link is missing

In the chain of life


The silence in my heart

waking up to a new reality

How little control we really have

It changed to what I thought it would be


It changed what really matters

It changed my heart


What if I never forget you!

Sue Vincent #writephoto


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