img_9414I believe in Kindness. Kindness to our fellow humans, kindness to our animal kingdom and kindness to our world.

Promoting health and wellness in my everyday life. Teaching pilates, functional fitness and yoga at “The Studio”. Being fit is high on my priority list along with helping people with their own fitness and health goals and journeys. Developing wonderful friendships along the way.

Nurturing and nourishing my body with my daily challenge,  making mouthwatering, colorful and nourishing salads and promoting them and plant-based meals through my Instagram account. Looking after my body is a priority, but what about your mind. Mindfulness. I am trying to incorporate meditation into my daily routine, to bring clarity, peace and calm into my busy life.

Mother to two amazing beautiful humans (boys) and two gorgeously cute rescue dogs (also boys), I just think boys are divine, so loving and cuddly, yes still to this day, my boys cuddle me and tell me they love me. Exquisite. My dogs are now my babies, demanding and worth every minute of it.

Read, write, talk, be.

Positivity is part of my everyday personality trait. I am a truly happy human being and I am not sure who I thank for that? Perhaps my mum who is a constant source of inspiration to me.

I am loving being part of the WordPress community. Thank you for making this part of my journey so joyful. Thank you for all your advice, likes, follows and nominations. You are amazing. Please bear with me whilst I learn the ropes and can interact more on this public platform. I look forward to a long, educational and friendship with you all

Love Me