Fractured Love

Word of the day challenge- Blood

Like a shattered glass

A heart does break

Blood flowing like a flooding lake

Mistakes made

Can we surpass

Disharmony cause a

love to pass

Tear stained face

Sorrow so deep

For her fractured love

She does weep

They remain broken



The crush

The crush

Eyes meet

My cheeks sting as I blush

My heart races, I tremble

I am smitten, I have a crush

Am I a fool

To allow my body over sensibility

to make rule

The choice is no longer mine

My senses alive with thoughts

Body’s entwined so divine

Your name lingers on my lips

Like a secret confession

My eyes follow your every move

My sweetest obsession

Waiting in fervent anticipation

To respond, to accept, to return

My passionate infatuation

Janette Bendle February 2019

word prompt

But she survived


img_1243I read this post above, it seems it was written with my broken friend in mind. I wrote this poem as I watched daily, the torment and pain she was experiencing. My heart ached watching her. 

She didn’t want to live in this world without him. How could we convince her, she could, she would. She would be happy again. 3 months on, she survived. She is not better,  but baby steps, one day at a time, her survival will lead towards a recovery which will lead to happiness once again. I can’t wait 

Pain etched upon your face

Please my friend

Take your mind to a beautiful place

I watch the pain raging in your heart

My friend, can I help

Dull this ache, from when he did depart

Your body aching, oh so frail 

Your broken


Deathly pale

You must get up, I beg you please

Laying in bed

Let her aching heart please appease

It shall only be a moment, only a season

A split second in life

That he will  be the reason

You are readying to release this pain

Lose sight of this face

Gain your old self back again 

Be happy, show me the light again, in your eyes

Some falls in life 

Lead to a happier arise

May your beautiful kind heart shine on through

There is nothing more harmful

Than sharing moments with someone not meant for you

Move forward in life, my sweet friend 

The hurt the sorrow 

Conquer it, let it end 

A new tomorrow 

Make a new journey

live your life

You are so very worthy

JB may 2018

Red Wine


Sitting at an airport bar

Heading to a destination abroad 

a new land afar

Sipping on an airport drink

Cheers to our next adventure 

I say with a wink

Red wine for me 

A beer for you

No duty free shopping

We needed something to do

It’s tastes so fine

This red wine o mine 

Now a situation arises

An Unlikely event 

My flight is called

Finish my wine, they will not prevent 

That I do not finish this wine o mine

I will, I’ll finish it, it tastes so divine

This glass of wine I will most likely finish 

The level of the wine in this glass

Will most definitely diminish 

Cheers to me

For when it comes tomorrow 

A brand new place I will be 

Janette Bendle may 4 2018


I cry for you

#dailypost #saveouranimals #myheart Sleeve

I have a little ache

I’m holding it up my sleeve

I’m thinking of sharing it

Sharing it on this eve


I have a heart that breaks

Every single day

For another animal, another life

It is d day

with their life they pay


It seems I have no secret

Hiding up my sleeve

Something I have told you

An atrocity hard to conceive


It hurts me with a pain so deep

every day I weep and weep


For those without a voice

I wear my heart on my sleeve

For those forgotten

Everyday I grieve


I hear your cries, I see your pain

Deja vu


I cry for you


God help you all

Forgive us humans

As we fall

(C) janette Bendle May 2018

Anzac Day 25th April 2018



25th April 1915

Saw an armada of ships

On the coast line of turkey convene


Our troops descended upon the shore

Of foreign lands never tread upon before

In the dark of dawn, the wrong destination

Led sadly to the many casualties of war


Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

Courageous & resilient

Let us not forget those casualties of wars


Our fathers, our brothers

Sons of proud and sad mothers

Cousins, uncles, our mates

This sad war sealed over 60,000 of our owns fates


More wars, more departures followed

In solemn silence,

our nation’s grief was swallowed


25th April 2018

Dawn service

Aussie’s all over the world convene


We remember there lives 103 years on

Mateship, sacrifice, heroes

The highest honor, the highest award to all of you

Australia bestows

We will never forget


Signed A Proud Australian

25th April 2018