True beauty in our cruel world

This is the most beautiful photo depicting the emotional connection like humans. We all (animal and human) know emotions and we all feel love and pain.

Compassion and kindness



Tribute to a rescued soul

June 2006 – who rescued who?

I am heartbroken beyond words. My beautiful boy Ruffy has spread his beautiful angel wings and left us.

For all those who know me he was my world.

He was at my side constantly for the past 12 1/2 years, this is a tribute to him from me and the special bond and love we shared.

He was a rescue dog and seriously it was the best thing I ever did. He was the most incredible dog I have ever known. Funny, sweet and full of personality. I would love to share this tribute with you.

RIP Ruffy Bendle.

You were so loved. You are a hero in the eyes of all who have been with you for the last three weeks. Your strength was Herculean. Your love constant. My house, my world, my car, my everything is forever changed.

Rest now little one.

Please visit me.

I love you to the heavens and back infinity. Thank you to all who have supported me over the last three weeks it has meant the world and I couldn’t of got through it without you. You know who you are ❤️❤️❤️

A spoken poem. Volume required

Little girl lost

#writephoto Faraway

Awoken by screaming and crying, the little girl huddled deeper below the blankets of the little single bed she was sleeping in.

Her friend was lying next to her, shivering. They held each other, too scared to move, for what seemed like hours.

A loud crash, startled them, followed by the door opening, light streaming in. There she was, a beautiful mum crying, “darling get up”, we have to go, the words were broken through her sobs

The little girl jumped out of bed, dressed quickly, rubbing her eyes, in confusion or was it the brightness of the light, she didn’t know. She did as her mum said.

She took her mums hand, they walked into the warm night. It was such a long walk for a little girl. She wondered but did not ask out loud “where is my dad and our green car”. Her mum was so sad, they didn’t talk.

The heartbroken mum tucked her little girl into bed, left the room and sat in the lounge. The little girl could hear her sobs. Please Mum don’t cry she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

At 7 years old she was unaware of the events that had taken place that night.

Her mum was her world and her pain cut deep. Why was her mummy so sad, she did not understand her pain, even after her Mum explained that her daddy had left her to live far faraway with her best friends mum.

The little girl thought this was a good thing. It meant she didn’t have to be scared anymore, it meant she could now sleep with her mum. The childs father was very strict. He never hurt her but he ruled his house with an iron fist. She was nervous when he was home, which thankfully was not often. He did love his daughter, but he didn’t really like children and it showed.

Excited to be returning to school after having a day off, she was full of news. She stood proudly in front of her class at show and tell. “My daddy went to live with my friends mummy”

The teachers mouth dropped, shocked at what she heard and filled with sadness for the Childs mother. She took the girl aside, she cuddled her and asked, “are you alright dear? Yes Yes she innocently replied.

“I can now sleep with my mum”

The girl found out many years later, that the teacher had rang her mum and told her of her daughters statement.

The mother was sad for a very long time.

Many years later, I am saddened for that 7 year old girl, not sad that her dad had left her. Sad that she never missed him as a child. I am sad that while he was in his faraway life, living a comfortable life, some would say in luxury, he was childless and always ready for a party. I wondered, had he thought about his wife and the little girl he left behind? Did he wonder how many hours a week that mother had to work to support his child.

In his new life faraway, did he wonder what his little girl was doing, what she looked like. Did he wonder what affect he had had on his daughter?

Did he not realize that she grew up not knowing what it was like to have a father or to sit on her daddy’s knee. He didn’t know that a father was supposed to be a little girls first love. Did he know that as a child, she never missed him.

As an adult, only then did it affect her, she realized her daddy didn’t love her enough to stay. As an adult, she realized how much not having her dad affected her. It was then and only then in her adult world, she cried. She still cries.

He was to busy living his new life far far faraway.

He missed out on a wonderful life with a most beautiful woman. A life with his wife and his little daughter.

He lived too faraway and that little girl never did see her dad while she was a child. She has never forgotten how he made her feel, she has never forgotten that night, but, she has always been thankful for the beautiful gift he gave her, her mother.

She is no longer a little girl and she did see him again, but that is a whole other story


A letter to a Dad

Letting go

It’s my first born sons birthday tomorrow and I wrote a little something from the heart

i made a wish, once upon a time

That everything in my life

would work out fine

Enter one little boy we named Kade

My heart was full

He was more perfect than for all I had prayed

The cutest little man I ever did see

Innocence, cheekiness, mischievousness was bestowed upon me

He held my hand for many years

As he got older, he let go

I shed motherly tears

It’s ok though

Seeds you must sow

Live your life

I’ll watch you beautifully grow

Your hand may no longer be in mine

My love for you in one sentence I define

I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow

I love you to the moon and back infinity


Happy birthday from the proudest Mum in the world

Fathers Day

It’s Father’s Day in the Southern Hemisphere. A day to celebrate love for our dads or significant male role model in our lives. I had beautiful uncles in my life, I am forever thankful for them. It was not until I was 29 that I had a true positive male role model and mentor in my life. That man was my husband and father to my children. My sons had a father who stayed.

Good morning Dad,

Did you hear me whisper? I whispered in my mind “Happy Father’s Day dad”, I still think of you every day.

I love you. I forgive you, please know that. I love you Dad.

To all the dads, those who stayed, I celebrate you. To those who didn’t, you have your reasons, just as my dad did. I do feel such sadness for what you lost though.

Our children are pure joy.

To the mums who bought us up on their own. I salute you, I applaud you, i admire, I treasure you. I am in awe of you. To my mum, I love you. Thank you for bringing me up to be the person I am. I am so full of love and gratitude to be yours.

A woman of inspiration. A life once lived ❤️

1997 was a sad and happy year
I lost a great love
Someone close to my heart, oh so dear

When the phone rang in the middle of the night
I knew at the moment
You had given up your fight

20 years on I still miss your smile
Your presence, it still lingers
Won’t you please please stay a while.

Scottish you were through and through
Come my wee bairn,
Today, what shall we do?

You were the second woman that stole my heart
You gave me guidance
You were at my side, right from the start

When my dad took to the road
Leaving behind the sad remnants
of seeds he had sowed
Broken pieces were left on the floor
You were the first to start picking up the pieces
You opened up a new door

You held my hand
Always on my side
You’d listen, you would understand

Nikki your dog and I played every day
I would sing, he would howl, do you remember?
Whished child,” shush that wee dug” you would say

Oh how I have missed you every day
We would run across Carlisle street
Cars, bikes, people, get out of our way

A force to be reckoned with, you and I were
Secrets and chats, we would confer

Always in the kitchen
Always keeping busy
No matter what though, you had my back,
my beautiful granny Lizzie

You left that night, in 1997
You took a walk, to the angels, straight to heaven

You rekindled never forgotten lost love
Back with Billie, my cherished granda
The stars twinkled with happiness above

Oh how I miss you every single day
How you would lead me
Innocently astray

Cheeky, funny, bossy and naughty
Intelligent, outspoken, but never haughty

You taught me much in our life together
Tied together with an invisible tether
Two peas in a pod
Birds of a feather
That was us, we flock together

I wrote you a poem, every single year
So another for you this year
A wee bit of birthday cheer

For all you have given me right through to this day
Today March 26th, I have something to say

Granny granny today it’s your birthday
Three cheers from my heart
Hip hip and the most heartfelt hooray

1997 was a sad and happy year
Yes I lost someone very dear

Divine happiness came my way
My second child, my beautiful boy
Why didn’t you stay

You would have loved him with all your heart
Just like you loved me right from the start

Forever in my heart. Happy birthday from Mum, Christine, Helen, jimmy, George and all the grandkids, great grandkids and great great grandkids. Way to many to mention


10 daughters take their mums sailing, mayhem & mischief. Someone control these mums

All aboard the P&O cruise
4 nights, 4 days,
No time to snooze

Espresso martini’s on day one
Oooh a little chilly
We forgot to bring the sun

Welcome to our 8 new cruisers
A few of them, I’m not naming names
were definitely boozers (maybe all 8 🤪)

The waterfront restaurant had us a regular table
Nightly we had 3 courses
Yep our appetites we ready, willing and able

Do you know how much you eat on a cruise
We all come home
With a few pounds to lose

Day 2 barre class on the deck
All the passengers thought
Let’s join in, “what the heck”
Sore legs were felt for a few days or so
A few prayed, do I have to stand up again
No no no no

6 of us flew the flying fox
Harnessed, tied,
Hey lock those locks
Flying high across the ship
Spread your arms
Release your grip

Kangaroo island, beautiful for some
Getting on the tender boats produced some glum
Waves and choppiness, created many a green face
Vomiting and yells of help from many a passenger
Back on board they feel their calm embrace

White night, party time
You must dress in white
Or commit a fashion crime
Angelic is the term I’d use
19 of us dressed in white
A fine picture, we did produce

Cups of tea on deck twelve
Solving problems of the world
Yes a few, we did shelve

Trivia, scattergories & name that tune
Quick what’s on next
Grab a cocktail, I’ll be there soon

Karaoke, sing a song
Everyone is so polite
You never get the gong

Have you ever played bingo
We had in our group,
a bingo dingo
(someone who has never played that only comes to last the jackpot game)
Are you impressed, that I know the cruise ship lingo
So Here it was jackpot day
Mandy bloody Curtis “ bingo “
Hip hip hooray

Well statistics were definitely on our side
19 of us and one of us WON
“Woo hoo” The Mornington peninsula crew all cried

Last night,
party night
Drinks and a toast
Last night, make the most
The cruise ship crew joined the band
Everyone sang, the night was grand
One by one we went to bed
Worn out cruisers, enough said

I feel privileged to have shared this time
in this perfect paradigm
Beautiful women through and through
Join us next year
join our charismatic cruising crew