Easier to say goodbye

Word of the day – Commit

Will you regret

This moment in time

You were brilliant,

I was fabulous

Together we were sublime


Was it real

Or an empty dream

Things were not

As things would seem


You walked away

It was too easy

you quit

It was easier to say goodbye

Than to give your heart

to me

and commit



The Rear View Mirror

She slowly released the clutch

She sat there

Eyes straight ahead

She longed to feel his touch



One more time



She hesitated

She had waited



For so long



Her eyes search the rear view mirror

He was no longer there




He left a long time ago



She released the clutch

Slowly driving away

Accepting sadly

She would no longer feel his touch



Janette Bendle 2019

Inhale Exhale


Just breathe

Each breath hurts

Breathe in breathe out


Open your eyes

One foot in front of the other

Focus on what is ahead


In the stillness

See the beauty

It surrounds you

See it

Feel it

Embrace it

It is yours

Look beyond

Look beyond

Your heart will open

Love again

Tribute to a rescued soul

June 2006 – who rescued who?

I am heartbroken beyond words. My beautiful boy Ruffy has spread his beautiful angel wings and left us.

For all those who know me he was my world.

He was at my side constantly for the past 12 1/2 years, this is a tribute to him from me and the special bond and love we shared.

He was a rescue dog and seriously it was the best thing I ever did. He was the most incredible dog I have ever known. Funny, sweet and full of personality. I would love to share this tribute with you.

RIP Ruffy Bendle.

You were so loved. You are a hero in the eyes of all who have been with you for the last three weeks. Your strength was Herculean. Your love constant. My house, my world, my car, my everything is forever changed.

Rest now little one.

Please visit me.

I love you to the heavens and back infinity. Thank you to all who have supported me over the last three weeks it has meant the world and I couldn’t of got through it without you. You know who you are ❤️❤️❤️

A spoken poem. Volume required

I cry for you


#dailypost #saveouranimals #myheart Sleeve

I have a little ache

I’m holding it up my sleeve

I’m thinking of sharing it

Sharing it on this eve


I have a heart that breaks

Every single day

For another animal, another life

It is d day

with their life they pay


It seems I have no secret

Hiding up my sleeve

Something I have told you

An atrocity hard to conceive


It hurts me with a pain so deep

every day I weep and weep


For those without a voice

I wear my heart on my sleeve

For those forgotten

Everyday I grieve


I hear your cries, I see your pain

Deja vu


I cry for you


God help you all

Forgive us humans

As we fall

(C) janette Bendle May 2018

My Broken Friend

Pain etched upon your face
Please my friend
Take your mind to a beautiful place

I watch the pain raging in your heart
My friend, can I help
Dull this ache, from when he did depart

Your body aching, oh so frail
Your broken
Deathly pale

You must get up, I beg you please
Laying in bed
Let her aching heart please appease

It shall only be a moment, only a season
A split second in life
That he will be the reason

You are readying to release this pain
Lose sight of this face
Gain your old self back again

Be happy, show me the light again, in your eyes
Some falls in life
Lead to a happier arise

May your beautiful kind heart shine on through
There is nothing more harmful
Than sharing moments with someone not meant for you

Move forward in life, my sweet friend
The hurt the sorrow
Conquer it, let it end

A new tomorrow

Make a new journey
You are so very worthy

Live your life