Im sure it was just a Dream


The pounding of rain on the windscreen made it difficult to concentrate. Eyes bleary from navigating the road in the the visually poor conditions. The two-hour drive from the airport had turned into 5 1/2 hours. There had been no sign posts or if there had she couldn’t see them. Her ears straining to hear Siri give her directions.

Ella had been invited to her Uncle’s country home in Arcane. He was celebrating his 80th birthday. All the family were coming. Her mind reflecting on conversations with her deceased parents, the only family she heard about, was odd Uncle Slav who lived in Arcane. So odd they never went to visit him.

She dismissed it with the thought that they must be from the other side of the family. Being she was the only one left, no brothers or sisters, her parents were tragically killed in an car accident two years ago, (or so Ella thought), hence she was quite excited about the thought of having some family.

A brief halt from the pelting of the rain, a moment of reprieve, she hears Siri say “you have reached your destination.”. The destination it is on your right. Aha someone up there is looking after me she thought. Ella silently said thank you

She slowed the car to a halt. Squinting as looked out of the rain stained car window, it was dark. She focused on the empty space between her car and the dark house in front of her. She could see flickers of light through the windows. Shadows passed over her eyes. What was that? she thought silently or did she speak it out loud. She open the car door, grabbed her umbrella from the back seat. Did she grab it to shield herself from the rain or as a potential weapon if needed, she looked left and right before stepping out.

Walking the dark path towards the front door, she knocked softly. She could see or hear nothing, just flickering off the light from what appeared to be candles in the windows. She knocked harder. She jumped when she heard

“Who is it?” He spoke in a hoarse whisperer his voice filled with a dark edge.

Chills ran down her spine. Was it a cold or was it fear. She shivered. It is me Uncle Slav, Ella from Seraph.

The door opened. Standing in front of her, A man, he must’ve been six-foot five. Tall with long limbs, so lean, she could barely make out its features, the flicker of light from the candles again helping her showed pale skin, his dark eyes radiating a fierce, uncompromising intelligence. What was behind those mysterious eyes. Again, she shuddered.

Welcome child, welcome to my home. For one brief second I am safe. My home is your home now and with that he swept her into embrace his eyes turning a deep red, long fangs. Thoughts that raced through her mind in that split-second. “Vampires, are they real, I’m going to die, why did I come here, I didn’t say goodbye to my friends, who will look after my dog, a slideshow commenced showing photos of her as a child, growing up, with her mum and dad, all her childhood pets, friends, one after another photos flicked through her mind then, her will asked will see my mum and dad. She felt a sting, his fangs piercing into her neck, the pain is so intense, yet somehow so pleasurable as well. What is happening? what is going on?, she felt herself the limp in his arms, she looked into those red eyes once more, then the sweet voice of mother, oh darling we see you met uncle slav. We are so sorry, we love you and then nothing.

Ella woke the next morning, in her car funnily enough she did not feel the cold, even though there was frost all around her, snow capped mountains in front of her. So close it felt like if she reached out she could touch them. Everything around her seemed brighter, more vibrant, amplified. On her windscreen was the most beautiful butterfly she had ever seen, mesmerised, she got out the car, walked slowly so not scare the butterfly away, she stared at the butterfly. The butterfly seemed to make eye contact. It stared back, as if it knew her, it stared with It’s deep red eyes.

Her slim fingers slowly reaching up to gently touch the right side of her neck, as she lowers her hand, Ella looks at her fingers, drops of blood. She hears a voice deep inside, that horse whisper that was filled with the dark edge“ you are now immortal my dear”

I’m sure it was all a dream


A Moment in Time

Can we go back

To that first embrace

You held me tightly

Searching for your answers

You gazed longingly into my face

At that moment in time,

You delved deep into my soul

Each of us captivated

That night was beautiful as we wildly

Lost control


Held a prisoner

in your eyes

That split second, minute, that hour

The only two people on earth

Bound in abandoned power

A memory so poignant

It was set in stone

A memory of passion and love

A tenderness never past known

That treasured moment

Of a time past

Yet timeless

The spell remains unbroken

Love remain ❤️

#Writephoto _ Timeless.

Janette Bendle February 22 2019

Sue Vincent – writephoto founder and photographer

A New Beginning

A new day begins

Surrounded by clear black night

The coolness of the air

Wrapping us together

In a new love affair

Awaiting the new dawns glimpses

Through the darkness of the skies

The first light colors a secret to

only our eyes

Hues of grey, burgundy then red

Peaking through in the newness of

The morning

Whispering welcome

to the new day ahead

An artists palette is the view

Shades of bright yellow,

Then orange, pinks

and blue

The softness of the morning born

Like a piece of art

The sunrise, thy sky adorn

Another new day begins

Tucked together under

each other’s wings

A new love

A new beginning

#writephoto~Sue Vincent


Janette Bendle February 2019

Begin again? New Beginnings


We were given a treasure
So beautiful and unique
Something to be marveled at
Full of secrets and mystique

Trees, mountains, and seas so vast
Valleys, lush and green
What more could human beings have asked

Lakes so still, with mountainous reflection
Reality or dreaming
Life, humans, universe are experiencing perfection

The quiet, nature,
stop for a moment
Just listen

as a river flows
as the wind blows
Falling snows
As a flower grows
The suns glows
The pleasure this world bestows
Gratitude the world no longer shows

What have we done?

We are chopping down all our trees
Antarctic Ice sheet is melting
Plastic, litter fills our seas

Pollution fills the air and hides our skies
Where is our treasure
our wonderful paradise

This world was a masterpiece
Something to be cherished
Our world has perished

Are we ashamed
Do we mourn
Some weep, some sigh
We are left feeling forlorn

Can we be forgiven for human sinnings
Change our ways, mend our world
Begin again, new beginnings

sThursday photo prompt: Beginnings

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White sands, Carribean Seas and pink cars

Travelling between towns in Cuba you can use the buses which are slow, trains which are unreliable or our choice “the collective” a share car, which also gives you the opportunity to meet fellow travellers. We have travelled with French, polish and today two gorgeous German girls. This mode of transport is somewhat squishy and uncomfortable but the fastest way at not much more than a bus in price. 

We are heading to Varadero a beautiful stretch of beach, part of the Carribean. What better day to spend our last days in Cuba. 

Along the roads, hitch hikers. No, not tourists, just locals. They stand at the side of the road with money in hand. Hoping this will entice a driver into picking them up. Why not catch a bus if you have money? That was my question too. The answer sadly is they don’t have money for a bus trip. They are poor. Only 38 in 1000 Cubans can afford a car. 

We arrive to a 20km stretch of beach on the Carribean Sea. Staying in the old part it is a mix of single and double storey houses in bright and bold colours. Some Spanish in architecture, some retro, it’s a eclectic mix. Some beach front houses are so old, neglected, leaning to one side, shutters hanging off windows, but still full of charm. At home they’d be offered a couple of mill for position alone. They are quietly unaware. Further down the road, houses turn into brightly coloured hotels, then beach resorts, a marina, one after another, huge with construction going on to build more. It was like a ghost town. Though it is not yet tourist season. 

Hues of pink everywhere in the are. Vintage cars offer ring taxi rides. Half price for you they yell (no tourists ) nearly all pink, different shades and cars but make for a truly fabulous sight. 

A day spent on white sand that stuck to your body, even after many swims in the ice blue clear carribean water, the temperature  perfect. 

Simply put, paradise. 

Our last morning on the beach. Yes again breathing in the Carribean air. Snapshot in my head. A memory forever imprinted. We soaked it in. 

People already up, joggers and walkers, swimming, fishermen who catch their fish by hand, standing in thigh deep water, remnants of beer cans from yesterday’s beach parties. At some stage someone picks up this rubbing. Cuba is clean. Boys putting out banana lounges and umbrellas ready to make their days earning. Another day behind 

Waking back along the beach road we heard singing, laughing, music.

Craig’s photographic eye saw yet another photographic opportunity. A school bus with graffiti all over it. He took photos. We read it. It was a bus that collected children. Not just Cuban and took them to this school

If you read the side of the bus it says “ the 8th friendship caravan” 

How beautiful we thought. We looked through the gates. Children dancing and singing, having fun. They were waving to us. Dancing for us. It made them happy to do this. At the end of the song they all stopped and waved with such joy to us! 

The children were a mix of intellectually disabled and mixed races. For me that was one of the most beautiful sights I have witnessed in Cuba. 

Again Cuba spoiled us with more delicious culinary treats. Each  night seems to be better than the previous. Our dinner, the service impeccable, it could not be faulted. It would rival any restaurant at home. 

10pm like clockwork the heavens opened. Not allowing us to walk off the copious amounts of food we just ate. Taxi !

Our last collective, our last meeting with like minded travellers, who have all adored Cuba. We may have different favourite places, but the common factor, we all LOVE Cuba. Our last trip is like s gift. An old vintage Chrysler. In great nick. 

Plenty of room and we are sharing it with two beautiful Dutch girls. We pass over the highest bridge in Cuba looking again at lush green trees, native bushes in valleys on our return trip to the ever exciting and colourful Havana. 

We are back. We eat street food and take in the rest of the day seeping in, all that Havana has to offer. 

Happy hour for 4 hours 👌 free salsa lessons. Pizza so big and so good, you go back for more, just one more piece. Carts on the side of the road where a Cuban wielding a big knife will chop up pineapples, coconuts, mangoes fresh for you to eat. 

We love this city. 

A night in Havana and our Cuba experiences are done. I would like to think I’ll be back. We have unfinished business here. 

Cuba is like nowhere else. Just sit back and watch. ❤️

Buenos Dias 


From Cuba with love