The Path

In the beginning the path is smooth

Unencumbered, no burden

Heart and words gave only truth

Time moves on

I beg it slow

Masks removed

Thy wrinkles show

Undulating journey

Now tired and worn

The road gets bumpier

We gaze forlorn

The trail walked

cracks were showing

The lights were on

Highlighting the path of knowing

A pilgrimage

No matter,

parts were broken

Life is an lesson

Learn and live

Leave no words unspoken

Crimson Creative Challenge



Teach me about life

Did you feel me move

I’m playing in your tummy

I am coming very soon

I can’t wait to meet you mummy


Daddy lay your hands on me

Gently touch mummy’s tummy

I will be your most precious human

irreplaceable, no amount of money


I’m coming into your world

I’ll be here very soon

I’ll shine brighter than all the stars

More brilliant than the fullest moon


Nine months inside your body

I’ve listened to your heartbeat

dear mummy, one day soon

We are really going to meet


I picked myself a mummy

I picked myself a daddy

I found two people to comfort me,

Wipe my button nose, when it’s runny


I will be your adored little girl

No longer just a dream

You will look at me with love

Gentle words and eyes agleam


I cannot wait to see your face

I cannot wait to feel your touch

Swaddle me with your love

There will never be too much


What color will my eyes be

Blue, brown, or green

I’m going to have the prettiest eyes

That you both have ever seen


Do you promise to kiss me every night

on my perfect lips and nose,

Do you promise to play with me,

count my little fingers and toes


This little piggy,

Daddy can we play

Be by my side always

Never go away


I want to have bubble baths

I want to cuddle a teddy bear

but most of all I just want

my mum and dad to always be there


Teach me about this thing called life

I want to do everything



learn from all the strife


Teach me how to count

Teach me how to cook

Teach me the alphabet

And how to read a book


Lets pick flowers

Cuddle for hours

Teach me kindness

So my morals are the finest


Teach me to be like you two


We will run in puddles

Play in the rain

Eat ice cream

Again and again


I have so much to look forward to

I love you both so much

My best day is yet to come

When I feel your loving touch


Magic set free

We once were magic

We set it free

Like a bird in an open cage

It flew away, we let it be



Where will it go

Where will it land

Can we get it back

Will you again hold my hand



Fly back to us

through the air

Like magic again

Release my despair



Look after my heart

Please restore my hurt soul

Let’s learn the same language

Again us together can be whole



Teach me to trust again

Surrender the evil sting

Catch me if I fall

Make my heart sing



Let me believe

In your virtuous being

Honourable, righteous

Inspiration foreseeing



Give me reason to believe

And you will again hold my heart






These 3 challenges together in this piece. Thanks for great word prompts all of you ❤️


Smell the flower,

Smell the sweet

Take my heart

Make me complete



The sweet smell of flowers

passion penetrates the air

Offers of love

Heart and soul laid bare



We align

we connect

Breathe in air

We reflect



Heart over head

It does rule

Truth is belief

I am nobody’s fool




Be nobodies fool




From day one our hearts were full of positivity

We were infatuated

Complete in levity



Our lightheartedness was intoxicating

Our passion





Smiles changed to scowls

Attachment to detachment

Frivolity led to growls






And in all his earnestness he told me he did not think he loved me enough to keep trying..

Letting go

How did we lose our way

Did we linger too long

In the wrong places

Is is too late for the olive branch to lay


Many kisses,

admiring glances

Were part of our every day

Now sorrow, dispiritedness

Dapple the horizon, with spots of grey


Why did we let us drown

With different eyes,

I can see now,

we let go

We let each other down


We turned the volume down

Our ears heard no sound

We stopped talking

We stopped hearing

Is it too late to turn it around


Thinking back to those early days

Enthralled in each other

Tenderness in each others gaze

Minutes turning into hours

Night turning into mornings rays


Friday nights glasses of wine

Weekends a lazy takeaway

Falling asleep

You body laying next to mine


Seeing the world side by side

Encounters, good times

affairs of the heart, a hell of a ride


Memories so beautiful

My heart, it sings

Recalling tender moments and

The wonderful things


10 years ago

In love we were falling

Tenderness and passion

Were perfectly enthralling


In time

Our thoughts became estranged


How did it happen

A life rearranged


Then the time came

We could no longer fight it

A seperate path we took

Our confused minds

now quiet


We mirrored each other

Without a voice

Reflecting, rejecting, unseeing

Could this be a reckless choice


The hardest part is letting go

slipping from our safe embrace

Respecting, allowing each to grow

In our own silent hiding place


Is it too late to turn back now

Another chance to try

A dignified love

A love we both allow


What is meant to be

Will always find a way ❤️❤️❤️

Natures Kiss

The soft breeze sweeps a wisp of hair across her forehead

Sadness swallowing her

Her heart remembering

What is gone, how they were

The gentle breeze kissing her face

Her thoughts

Like an old time movie

Flashing moments in time

Allowing, letting the truth that be

Breathing in warm air

Filling her lungs with hope

Letting go

Allowing herself to calmly cope

Inhale exhale

She weeps for the things she knows now

She will learn, accept and glide forward

Nature places a loving kiss upon her furrowed brow

The undulating path that you now wend

Find answers and enlightenment


Acceptance of change my dear friend

Something beautiful awaits ❤️