A New Challenge

Courageous trust within my sixth sense

Protect me

Shield me

Safe inside my make believe fence

The fences lines are blurred


My psyche, my soul

Impressed on me

good instinct

Sheltered, cherished within my fence

Do I dare to break out of my sanctuary

This does not cohere, nor make sense

Seal my fate,





Leave my comfort zone


Watch me walk through

My fenced gate

What is out there

I said yes to a new challenge

Janette Bendle


I wish

WORTH — Word of the Day Challenge

I wish every child would grow knowing a heart full of love

I wish all animals on land and sea would know kindness

I wish trees, forests and oceans were left alone to thrive

to naturally provide

I wish humanity would value and love every growing organism on our earth

See, hear, feel what we have

Please appreciate it’s worth

Save our world



A wintry wind

It does blow

throws a blanket

the fresh fall of snow

A blank canvas

to start brand new

Start new footprints

unfamiliar, untrodden,

a renewed view

Inhale Exhale


Just breathe

Each breath hurts

Breathe in breathe out


Open your eyes

One foot in front of the other

Focus on what is ahead


In the stillness

See the beauty

It surrounds you

See it

Feel it

Embrace it

It is yours

Look beyond

Look beyond

Your heart will open

Love again

Can we see the future?

Word of the Day Challenge – Prophecy

True or false?

Can you see

What lays ahead of us

What may be?

Are you perceptive

Is your ear to the ground

Do you know what is coming

Celestially spellbound

Feel the planets energy

Cosmic kinetic

Fortune teller,


Ingenuously prophetic

Is is just theoretic

That dreams can be prophetic

Embrace the idea of foreseeing

Or adopt the beauty of just being

The Bone

#writephoto Bone

I once lived in a field

So lush, so green

I loved my life, just me

and the other nineteen


Once a paddock so lush and green

No rain

No water

The land grew dry

The herd grew lean


One by one

my friends left the fields we once grazed

Sanctuaries came forward

My friends, my herd

I’m joyful,

they were saved


I was happy in my field so beautiful

So green

I am now nameless

Just a bone

I was overseen


In a dry paddock I am all alone

Just remnants of what was

I am just a bone


I watch from above

I am at peace, I make amends

I am a soul on a journey

I hold no grudge

You rescued my friends 



Every Thursday at noon GMT, Sue publishes one of her photos as a writing prompt.
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I am passionately Curious


Is it a necessary trait

With out it

Have we not sealed our own mundane fate?


If we were not inquisitive

would we be satisfied?

No questions

No knowledge

No experiences

No wise tales to tell

before we died


Curiosity makes you smarter

Absolutely paramount

for a conscious self starter


For those interested between us

I’ll share the words of

a world renowned genius


From the mouth of Albert Einstein


“I have no special talents,

I am only passionately curious”


Which confirms that avid curiosity

Can have a favourable affect

on your precocity


So use your inquisitive curiosity

With enthusiastic



Discover something new



Find your inner child



A child’s curiosity is the most wonderful & beautiful thing to witness.