Around Morocco with love and a sore bum

Today is day 1 on bike tour Morocco

Marrakesh to Taroudant. About a 230km drive, 5 hours south of Marrakesh. I have to say day 1,  I did it tough. The clothes we had to wear, the heat, the sore bum, but mostly the apparent 2 way roads high in the mountains with sheer drops were enough to test anyone’s nerve.
We travelled a small pass called the Tizi-n-Test High in the Atlas mountains. This was one most spectacular drive. The scenery did make up for all of the above.

Dodging donkeys, goats & dogs in scorching heat

Having mint tea and berber food to eat. (My poetic moment)

Actually i had not seen a dog since we arrived in Morocco. Giving me some concerns. Many a cat roaming but no dogs. Until today at 2000m we fly around a bend to have a cute little dog chasing our ankles.  I tried to keep them in my eyesight, wondering where he lived  or who he belonged to. Where did you get his food? I was feeling sad but looking at him he didn’t look starving. Who was looking after him?

Arriving in taroudant, we entered the Medina. Surrounded with old walls, it is a stunning but small medina with a maze of narrow lanes lined with worn old buildings with brightly coloured doors. As in Marrakesh there were souks everywhere you turned, without the exotic feel, colors and delicious aromas that Marrakesh had. This is where we got lost a few times. There was always a friendly face to help. For 10 dirham of course (1 euro)

Sadly for the people of this little town, It is often overlooked as a destination among travellers, it was almost devoid of tourists. We saw 3. The little city shutting down completely at 5pm due to Ramadan, a kindly man served us dinner. I can’t say I was sad to say farewell to Taroudant,  but at the same time I felt there was probably more to this little place then we had seen.

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