Gentle Kisses

The Wave

“Time and tide waits for no man. ”

Geoffrey Chaucer

The ocean is never still
Flowing and receding stealing kissing from shore.
Soft kisses at times
Some are passionate, like they are demanding more

Gently licking the shore as it whispers hello
Close your eyes
listen to its caresses
The tide ebbs again
And the shore it undresses

Serene, tranquil and kind it can be
Wind, the moon, earths energy
Undulating, swelling, surging
Altered emotions take hold in the vast sea

Dancing on the crest of a wave
Exhilarating, intoxicating
Mysterious sea, hold my heart so brave

I’m under the waves
Crashing, rolling me around
Sunlight hitting me through a giant water prism
Thunderous crashing is my only sound
Holding me in a whirlpool prison

Sunlight brighter, I reach through
Blinking through my watery eyes
Still enthralled by my ocean so blue


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