Dangerous Thoughts

They way he looked

at her

He stared in to her soul

The way he kissed her

Giddy with loss of her control

Dangerous liaisons

Cause cheeks of cherry red

Delirious with the flush of magic

Sensibility of her mind has fled

Passionate moments

Dangerous thoughts

Aroused by temptation

Desire ties her in knots

He turns

He walks away

She is left with the blush

Of suggestive pleasure



I am truly moved by the generosity of people.

When we see others who are in dire circumstances likened to those in Australia right now, this very minute, the horror they are experiencing at this exact second, we dig deep. Australians have deep pockets and big heart.

I am an Australian who is feeling mixed emotions. I am heartbroken for what we are going through, There has not been a day since last September that I have not shed tears. Our people, our wildlife and our land is being devastated, it feels like Armageddon, this is hell on earth.

Yet I am removed from it physically, I am one of the lucky ones. I reside about four hours away from the closest inferno.

We awake early mornings to gloomy skies, the presence of the sun a menacing red colour through the grey haze of the fog. It is amazing to see but leave you with an eerie feel. Doom seems to be looming.

My country is broken, I am broken, heartbroken, soul broken yet I am also filled with pride to be part of this magnificent burnt country and proud to be an Australian

I see every Australian is chipping in to help those who have been affected. Whether we are in the crux of this evil or away from it, we are all touched by it. The fire burning our country is also burning our souls.

Our wildlife is hurting. Over 500 million animals have died since 2019 bushfires began. Hard to comprehend? Yes, however it is a sad fact.

The fires have been burning so hot and so fast that there has been significant mortality of animals in the trees, there is such a big area even now that is still on fire, still burning, sadly we may never find their bodies.

Koalas have been hit the hardest. In the last four months up to 8000 on the New South Wales North-coast alone, are believed to have perished, that is a third of the entire koala population in that area.

There are other significant koala populations in the other states affected by the fire such as Victoria, where I live and South Australia. I do not have numbers at this stage. In my eyes even one death is tragic

There are many still living, they are injured, they have no food and could still be suffering, they need us. Beautiful hearted people are volunteering and literally running to help. They needed Joey pouches for those orphaned babies, koala mittens for burnt paws and the whole world started knitting and crocheting.

People wanted to do something, we all just want to help. Regular food drops to the bush for those animals still trying to find a new home and to make sense of what has happened to them, their environment has gone and for some, their families also.

Stepping up the Aussies, because that’s what we Australians do, we chip in, get our hands dirty, we all want to help when our fellow Aussie’s are in trouble.

The animal shelters, wildlife organisations needed money

As we all do, I wanted to help.

Two weeks ago I decided to run a mobility/Pilates class, the payment to be by donation, with 100% of the proceeds going towards the relief and the recovery of our wildlife that has been ravage by Australia’s bushfires.

I was hoping to raise over $500 to donate on behalf of the studio and its supporters.

Nothing prepared me for the overwhelming generosity and support of those who attended

The morning was nothing less than magical. A group of people with a common bond. They care for Australia and they care about our beautiful animals. 

There were smiles and happy faces on all of those who attended. We were further blessed as the sun came out, shining upon us as we lengthened & strengthened our bodies on the grassy area out front of the studio. 

We sat in silence at the end of our session, listening to Delta Goodrem sing Let it Rain. Emotion filled, I stared a a piece of paper through tear filled eyes, I read a prayer, my friend Helen and I had written, on behalf of this amazing group of people.

There was tears in the eyes of everyone, showing me the level of compassion of those sharing this moment.

When our morning session was complete we were at a fantastic $980 and I was thrilled.

The donations from those who did not attend, but wanted to contribute to Victorias Wildlife kept coming.

Phone call after phone call, text after text, our total grew. My heart grew with pride a little more with each incredible donation.

I was and still am speechless. Sunday night at 11pm, I was contacted by another compassionate generous human with our final donation of $500 taking our total to a whopping $1900.

Together we as a group, a community, we raised a whopping $1900. Be proud my friends, you are all extraordinary and kind people.

The $1900 has now been donated to Wildlife Victoria, Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter, Goongerah Wombat Orphanage, Wild to free animal shelter (both who have been severely affected by bushfires)& lastly to Amaroo Wildlife shelter.

Here is our prayer for AUSTRALIA. Please join me in reading it then sitting silently as you pray for AUSTRALIA’s relief and recovery. Please pray that AUSTRALIA stops burning.

Together we pray and set the intention to for Australia to begin healing and recovering from its devastation..

We pray for rain

we pray for the victims,

we pray for the wildlife, 

We pray for the firemen, the first responders,

And we pray for those who are volunteering, for those helping.

We thank you!

We thank you all for your dedication.

We pray for the souls of those people and the billions of animals lives that have been lost.

We pray for all those animals that are still living

we pray that you find a safe place, free from harm.

We pray for your recovery. 

We pray for AUSTRALIA’s recovery

“We pray and intend for the bushfires to stop burning.

We ask that no more people or animals lose their lives.

May Australia’s people, wildlife and eco system recover quickly from this catastrophe. 

May this tragedy serve to open hearts, change mindsets and educate the world in positive ways that brings new love and respect for our planet. “

Thank you


A very proud Australian


Sue Vincents write photo challenge

losing a pet – 12 months on

My darling boy, as the 12 month anniversary of the day you left approached, I am overwhelmed at how quick time has passed as it only feels like yesterday I was cuddling you.

I realized then, that not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss you.

You were such a huge presence in my life, you came with me everywhere . You were my constant companion and studio mascot. Your photo is still up on the stage at the studio. Everyone just expects to see you everyday, as they did 12 months ago.

A dog you were, yes, but not just any dog, not just a dog, no dog is just a dog, they are our family. You my little man, you were one of a kind, not just special, an extremely special one.

As the one year mark drew closer, I found myself looking at photos of you more often, playing back videos, I couldn’t, can’t, believe 12 months has gone.

You are in my everyday thoughts, memories and you are still locked inside my heart. I know you’re still with me, around me, I can feel you.

Are you resting peacefully? Or creating havoc? Are you king pin as you we’re here, with me? Please tell me you are with our beautiful Meg.

Are you now walking limp free? Is your pain, discomfort and illness gone? Of course, you are free, you are happy.

Till we meet again my darling boy, I love you every day

Growing up we always had dogs, some we got as pups, some arrived as adults. I don’t recall any point of my childhood, teenage years, actually even into my 30s not having a dog in my life.

However, back then, being young, I didn’t quite understand that we were actually adopting dogs.

As an adult, Ruffy, you were my first conscious decision to rescue a dog. I still fondly remember the day I met you. I walked into the shelter, not for you, but our eyes met, you had chosen me. I nearly left that day without you, thank god, I turned back because you gave me 13 beautiful years of love. You opened my heart to something that sometimes leaves me speechless and sometimes makes me outspoken.

You taught me the gift of second chances and the joy I could bring to another animal, but also the joy you could bring to me, my kids. I try to share this knowledge, share with others, the importance of rescuing and giving an animal a second chance, at a life they deserve.

You don’t choose to be abused, neglected or cast aside and forgotten about. Humans make those choices for you. Yet you still love us even with that. You place your trust in us, every moment through to your last moment.

Do people even realise how much our dogs love us, do they know that it is enough for our dogs, just to be loved by us. You beautiful souls love us whether we are successful or not, you love us whether we have money or not, you love us whether we are pretty or not so pretty, whether we are big or not so big, you love us no matter what, you just love us because we are us!

I wish, oh how I wish, humans knew how to love like this. An animals love has no price, it’s free!

Animals have so much more emotional intelligence than humans, you need to show us, teach us the way to kinder living.

Thank you for that Ruffy.

Have you met my new family! It’s growing, we have three rescue dogs at home, Boston your old mate, oh he missed you terribly when you left. However, introducing excitable sweet wonderful Ella and crazy eccentric Bo. They are adorable and I love them to bits, this being said, always know Ruffy, you are irreplaceable in my heart. Each dog holds a special place in their humans heart. You my little man, have top spot. RIP baby boy ❤️

My soul to keep

At that moment

She stood poised


and jaded

I would look at her

Her weary eyes

I knew her pain

I knew her lies


Her beautiful face

Tells a story of courage

Fighting to survive

You don’t have to carry this weight

On your own

Lean on me

You are not alone


Between the highs and lows

Even in her descent

She believed she could

Like a badge

She wears km her fight

Cancer trying to steal from her

She would not fall

Living was her will,

her privileged right


She was extraordinary

We knew this

But she was more

She was an extraordinary fighter


She made us proud

Because of who she is

Her strength hovers above us

As if a floating cloud

Her heart, her soul does us proud


She is my Aunty



Poised in the present

Between the highs and lows

She believed she could

She learned to be strong

She speaks her story

She wears her eccentricity,

her madness

her individualism

Like a badge

She is truth

She is extraordinary

She will survive everything

Because she is who she is

She is you

Sue Vincent Photo for challenge #writephoto

Photo prompt – main photo

What we were told not to talk about

It is Father’s Day in the Southern Hemisphere, which prompted these words, along with the writing challenges, the integration of both together became the inspiration for this poem




The woman

A daddy has gone

Don’t tell anyone darling

Please, not just yet


A husband has gone

A heart is broken

A man has left


Silent words were spoken


It will be his life’s biggest regret

He left a woman broken

A daughter abandoned

How does a little girl understand

That roughing up of her hair

Was his farewell token


A child

My daddy has gone

Why didn’t he want me

He doesn’t hold my hand

Don’t you love me anymore

A little girl who did not understand


The child marries a man

She found gold

At the end of the rainbow

A man who lovingly does hold

His children’s hands

He is a husband, a father


A vacant relationship

A lost girl grew

How did she define us

A resurrection

They began something new


A meeting of minds

Moments spent together

Lost years

Stolen joys, time unwinds


A poignant moment arose


Not a father and

not a daughter

He offered her the opportunity

To rewrite their story

She became their author


And it was her greatest masterpiece

What we were told not to talk about


How to be a woman

Welcome to the mind

Of a girl interrupted

Realistic, honest, positive

A girl who grew into a woman

Possibly probably fabulously corrupted


Femininity shone from her effervescent presence

Belief in her spirit echoed

Devilry, mischief

Her sweetness evanescence


She knows what she wants

Stands up for what she believes

At the risk of being crucified,

Love can be a risk, it deceives


She will fight for you

If believes in you

She will teach you

It is irrefutable,

she knows

How to be a woman


A woman knows how to

make broken look beautiful

make love look like her own personal sun is shining

She can make happy look delicious

and make blossoms bloom on her silver lining


She is madly in love with love

Her love sets you free

She holds her breath

And makes her wish

You are free to love the real me