The powers that be

The powers that be



The phrase comes from a translation of the Greek: αἱ … οὖσαι [ἐξουσίαι], hai … oûsai [exousíai], the … existing [powers]’; ἐξουσίαι is also translated as “authorities” in some other translations.[6]


A deity


A deity is “a god or goddess (in a polytheistic religion)”, or anything revered as divine.


The powers that be or a deity whatever your belief said sternly “guilty as charged humans, off to the dungeon with you.”


“Guilty of brutal armed conflict “


“Guilty of heartless displacement of millions from their homes”


“Guilty unkindness to fellow human. Bullying, stealing, racism and unkind words


“Guilty of inhumane treatment of animals”


“Guilty of causing a great rift in society, with humanity, with animals and in nature”


“Guilty of the damaging our planet quicker than it can recover”



Degradation of lands

Excess waste

CO2 emissions

And much more


I sentence humanity as it stands for the reckless regard of your beautiful planet, we sanctioned you to love and treasure. We entrusted you with the hope of humans and animals coexisting.


Trusting you would cherish life, love and support each other and procreate. We honoured you with a gift, in hope you would nourish it with love and hope, that this beautiful world would continue to flourish.


To the good, who endeavour to commit to this, the humanitarians and those who believe in the value of human life, those who promote human welfare and social reform, those who hold no prejudice against gender, sexual orientation, race or religious beliefs. Those who do not condone human or animal suffering. To the humans who have ideals to save lives, relieve suffering, and maintain human and animal dignity. To those who want to save our planet and continue to work towards it.


You are free to go and carry on with your good deeds and endorse a world where all live kindly.


The good respond

“Please entrust us with those who have wronged, for, perhaps they do not understand. Let us show them and educate them. If we stand together, work together, we can save our world from the brink of destruction”


We can change.


We have a shared destiny, a shared responsibility to save the world from those who attempt to destroy it.


With our love, we could save the world.


The deity replies


I give humanity one more chance


Love your world

Save your world

Or lose your world!


I rest my case! For now


#writephoto with Sue Vincent


A New Beginning

A new day begins

Surrounded by clear black night

The coolness of the air

Wrapping us together

In a new love affair

Awaiting the new dawns glimpses

Through the darkness of the skies

The first light colors a secret to

only our eyes

Hues of grey, burgundy then red

Peaking through in the newness of

The morning

Whispering welcome

to the new day ahead

An artists palette is the view

Shades of bright yellow,

Then orange, pinks

and blue

The softness of the morning born

Like a piece of art

The sunrise, thy sky adorn

Another new day begins

Tucked together under

each other’s wings

A new love

A new beginning

#writephoto~Sue Vincent


Janette Bendle February 2019


Thursday photo prompt: Setting #writephoto

Jagged edges

a perfect silhouette

Darkness please wait

I’m not done looking yet

The suns rays flattering

the irregular landscape

The sun is setting

darkness arrives, no escape

The horizon changes

from orange to black

the sun disappears

It whispers

I will be back

Little girl lost

#writephoto Faraway

Awoken by screaming and crying, the little girl huddled deeper below the blankets of the little single bed she was sleeping in.

Her friend was lying next to her, shivering. They held each other, too scared to move, for what seemed like hours.

A loud crash, startled them, followed by the door opening, light streaming in. There she was, a beautiful mum crying, “darling get up”, we have to go, the words were broken through her sobs

The little girl jumped out of bed, dressed quickly, rubbing her eyes, in confusion or was it the brightness of the light, she didn’t know. She did as her mum said.

She took her mums hand, they walked into the warm night. It was such a long walk for a little girl. She wondered but did not ask out loud “where is my dad and our green car”. Her mum was so sad, they didn’t talk.

The heartbroken mum tucked her little girl into bed, left the room and sat in the lounge. The little girl could hear her sobs. Please Mum don’t cry she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

At 7 years old she was unaware of the events that had taken place that night.

Her mum was her world and her pain cut deep. Why was her mummy so sad, she did not understand her pain, even after her Mum explained that her daddy had left her to live far faraway with her best friends mum.

The little girl thought this was a good thing. It meant she didn’t have to be scared anymore, it meant she could now sleep with her mum. The childs father was very strict. He never hurt her but he ruled his house with an iron fist. She was nervous when he was home, which thankfully was not often. He did love his daughter, but he didn’t really like children and it showed.

Excited to be returning to school after having a day off, she was full of news. She stood proudly in front of her class at show and tell. “My daddy went to live with my friends mummy”

The teachers mouth dropped, shocked at what she heard and filled with sadness for the Childs mother. She took the girl aside, she cuddled her and asked, “are you alright dear? Yes Yes she innocently replied.

“I can now sleep with my mum”

The girl found out many years later, that the teacher had rang her mum and told her of her daughters statement.

The mother was sad for a very long time.

Many years later, I am saddened for that 7 year old girl, not sad that her dad had left her. Sad that she never missed him as a child. I am sad that while he was in his faraway life, living a comfortable life, some would say in luxury, he was childless and always ready for a party. I wondered, had he thought about his wife and the little girl he left behind? Did he wonder how many hours a week that mother had to work to support his child.

In his new life faraway, did he wonder what his little girl was doing, what she looked like. Did he wonder what affect he had had on his daughter?

Did he not realize that she grew up not knowing what it was like to have a father or to sit on her daddy’s knee. He didn’t know that a father was supposed to be a little girls first love. Did he know that as a child, she never missed him.

As an adult, only then did it affect her, she realized her daddy didn’t love her enough to stay. As an adult, she realized how much not having her dad affected her. It was then and only then in her adult world, she cried. She still cries.

He was to busy living his new life far far faraway.

He missed out on a wonderful life with a most beautiful woman. A life with his wife and his little daughter.

He lived too faraway and that little girl never did see her dad while she was a child. She has never forgotten how he made her feel, she has never forgotten that night, but, she has always been thankful for the beautiful gift he gave her, her mother.

She is no longer a little girl and she did see him again, but that is a whole other story


A letter to a Dad

A Day in the Life


“There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life.” – Tara Brach

This photo depicts a mix, a mix of wild crazy beautiful, which sums up my daily life, wild, crazy and beautiful, but with a facade of calm

Beautiful, wild crazy

A day in my life

Beautiful, wild crazy
A day in my life
Sometimes peaceful
Other days rife with strife

Smooth, tranquil, undisturbed
Agitation, unrest, anger
Is unheard
Crazy in harmony
Where peace is preserved

A day in the life of, is always wonderful

A day in the life of me

A day plan to catch up with my long time friend. Let’s go to the theater and see beautiful. The Carole King story. I wake up early enough. What happens next is what can happen in a crazy but fun filled life.

First up on the crazy totem pole, a frantic call from Lee, my childhood friend. I don’t have my ticket. “It was sent to your phone Lee”. On the day of purchase. 5th June. “Yes yes I know, but it’s gone”. Okay, don’t stress, i console, I have the email confirming our purchase.

My plan is to leave home at 11 AM, to meet Lee at midday. For a 1pm show start. Here it goes, 10:55 AM on my God I haven’t had breakfast. Quick smoothie, yes yes, have you read my post on my smoothie makings? Coconut, blueberries, spinach leaves, broccoli, beetroot, coconut water, pea protein powder. Yes just a quick one.

Pour into a Travel jug (not mug) coz that’s how I roll, a small person with a big appetite.

On my way 11.15am. I gaze down at my petrol gauge. Eek 😬 Oh no. Next petrol station, It’s ok I say to myself, this won’t take long. I stop, petrol bowser in, I watch the dollars ticking over, seriously I say (to myself of course) when are you going to stop, $55,$60, $70, $76.53 Chink, it stops.

Off I go inside, credit card in hand, something catches my eye. I pay the lady, $84.90

I leave, large green tea and a bag of mixed nuts in hand.

11.35am back on the freeway. So much for meeting Lee in town at midday, oh dear thinking to myself, please don’t be mad at me. Then I chuckle, of course she won’t be mad, nor will she be surprised.

My sat nav in the car tells me, estimated time of arrival at your destination is 12.33pm

Janette, don’t stress. Our show starts at 1pm. We will be ok.

Driving, sipping my tea, nibbling on my nuts, Happy, easy drive, no hiccups. Lee calls me on blue tooth, yes. How far away are you, I’m here.

Um, ah, well. I’m running late. Really? so what’s new she says. No problem, I will just wait.

I picked up a few minutes on the freeway. Traffic is flowing so well that my new ETA IS 12.30pm.

My turn off is nearing, left indicator on, I turn and BOOM. The traffic is stopped, I look in my rear view mirror, BOOM, already cars are behind me. No reversing. I’m stuck.

I call Lee, I explained the dire situation. Go without me I say. I’ll send you my ticket. I’ll get there, don’t worry

Cars started doing U-turns, one car, two, three, I made the break, car number five. Best decision, back on the moving road taking another route, I’m almost there, one block away, stopped at a set of lights. I can see the theatre, the car park across the road. BOOM, no, no no no no, people swarming Bourke street, police surrounding the cars and people. A protest march is taking place against racism, at my intersection, right here, right now. It’s 12.55pm. My calm takes over, really, it’s ok, it’s only a show. I take in the moment.

Siri call Lee. I’m not going to get there, I’m stuck in the middle of this protest march. She sees the march from the theater. We could probably wave to each other if it wasn’t for all these people. Both of us slightly disheartened, “just get here when you can.”

Luck is on my side, the police start to move us off to the left. I got around the corner. Drove to the nearest car park. And I run and I run and I run. I flew into the theatre at 1.12pm. They were apparently expecting a blonde lady running frantically throwing an email around. They were wonderful and I was in my seat at 1.15pm.

The show was well worth the crazy unexpected moments I experienced to get there.

The craziness did not end there, but my story does, thank you for reading my depiction of this photo. Peaceful with a touch of wild crazy beautiful. A perfect day. Have a perfect day everyone ❤️Thank you Sue Vincent